Finding Fantastic Advice

Finding Fantastic Advice

Four Packaging Suggestions For New Products

Terrance Ryan

Your efforts to create a new product that people need and will buy from you might just now be paying off. After spending time at local craft fairs or trade shows, you may have seen your product sell better than you thought. However, when it's time to start shipping products and putting them in small shops, you will need to acquire more skills and learn more about shipping and packaging. Packaging your items for display and shipment can be deceptively simple, but good packaging is vital for showcasing your products and getting them safely around the country. As you develop packaging, use these ideas.

Remember Color

When you walk into a shop, if you're like many people you're drawn to the products that have the most impressive packaging. Often, that packaging will contain at least one color. Many small companies try to skimp on packaging costs by keeping their packaging in black or white, but color can draw the eye and interest people in what your product is. Going overboard with visual bells and whistles isn't necessary; one or two colors should be enough to attract attention.

Provide Information

When someone picks up your product in a store, they may not understand why they should buy it before purchasing from a competitor. They will look at the packaging for clues and details about what your product offers. Therefore, you need to carefully consider the information that will be printed on the packaging. 

Again, going overboard with too many words isn't required and in fact could repel customers. Very few people want to read labels for hours. Decide what's important to know and only include that data.

Choose Materials Wisely

While packaging must be attractive, it also has to protect your products. Don't skimp on packaging costs if a hard plastic shell will protect your items better than a plastic sleeve, for example. If your brand is related to the environment and being eco-friendly, you'll also want to consider those materials which are biodegradable and recycled.

Ask for Feedback

Your existing and new customers can be valuable for many reasons, but they can also give feedback about packaging. Because they're buying your products, they can assess the packaging and let you know whether it's appropriate or needs further work. Ask their opinion.

When your product is packaged well, it can delight your customers and arrive at shops and homes safely. Contact top design firms for cost-effective, creative ways to address your packaging.


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